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Summer Musicals

Whilst suitable for end of summer term performance, these primary school musicals can be performed all year round and provide a lively way of involving large numbers of children in a school play. Easy to stage, learn, perform and sing.


Animal Rumble Grumble - An African Tale

A One-Act Primary School Musical Play with an African Animal Theme. This 35+ minute show is ideal for ages 5 to 9 making it suitable for KS1, lower KS 2, Infants, First and Primary Schools. Full of animal antics, intrigue and mystery, with great animal songs and a simple script.

Primary School African Themed Musical


A One-Act Primary School Musical Play about People Who Help Us. This 35+ minute show is ideal for ages 5 to 9 making it suitable for KS1, lower KS 2, Infants, First and Primary Schools. Full of people who help us songs and a great script.

Primary School Musical Play


Save Our Planet

Save our Planet - One-act children's plays (for ages 6 to 9) Musicals For Children With ECO Friendly Messages, Children's plays focused on messages about recycling and reducing global emissions, ECO friendly primary school plays with great singing opportunities.

Primary School Play


Stella The Starfish

Primary School Production, Stella the Starfish is a magical, one-act, underwater musical for Key Stage 1 (ages 5 to 7). Musicals for children with colourful sea creatures, Stella the Starfish. Arranged for piano/keyboard/guitar - primary school play.

Primary School Summer Musical


The Puzzled Penguin

Primary school songs, whole group and small-group singing. The Puzzled Penguin is a wintery one-act musical with speaking parts for ages 6 to 9, about a lonely penguin who thinks she can fly.

Primary School Christmas Musical


The Selfish Ladybird

Primary School Assembly Production. The Selfish Ladybird is a one-act musical for ages 6 to 9, musical play set in a country garden with lots of mini-beasts. Childrens Musical With Speaking Parts For Ages 6 to 9 with Whole Group And Small Group Singing.

Primary School Musical


Trapped In Cyberspace !

Musical play, Trapped in Cyberspace is an exciting one-act show for primary school leavers (ages 10-11). A fast moving storyline in this, one of our favourite, Primary school plays. Running time of 35 minutes plus.

Primary School Musical


Welcome To Our World

School Performance, School Assemblies, Musicals For Primary School Children, Welcome To Our World is a whole-school song and dance spectacular musical show. This double CD resource comes with FREE access to the online e-booklet of detailed notes and lyrics.

Primary School Musical


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