This Is Christmas

School Christmas Plays

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School Christmas Plays - Musical Nativity Play

School Children's Christmas Songs - Kids Christmas Songs

This is Christmas ! is a collection of modern, educational songs for children aged 5 to 9, enabling them to think and sing about the traditions and symbols that we have come to associate with Christmas.

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There Was A Star Jolly Old Father Christmas Christmas Tree Christmas Presents Let A Candle Shine Christmas Cracker A Manger For A King I Wish I Was A Fairy Just A Baby Boy Giving


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School Childrens Christmas Songs

Nativity Assemblies and Christmas Classroom Plays

Full of fun and inspiration, this CD of ten songs is ideal for use in the classroom, for school assemblies and for helping to create a larger Christmas performance.

Christmas Nativity Plays - Small Or Large Groups

This is Christmas ! contains sung and backing-track versions of each song, all of which allow for solo, small or larger group performance. The songs can be performed on their own, as a collection or used to alongside your own selectionof poems and narration.

Free Educational On-line Access

Purchasers of This is Christmas ! are given FREE ACCESS to two printable downloadable online resource files of:

  • Full lyrics for each song
  • Teacher information sheets on each song topic.

Royalty Free Christmas Musicals For Schools
Free Performance Licence*

For purchasing UK schools* we give FREE permission for unlimited public performances within your institution and local community (only). Photocopiable for use by your institution (only).

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